Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

Japanese/Korean Art
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2005

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Adler, Fabienne D, “Eizo: Theory and Practice of the ‘Camera-Based' Image in Japan, 1960–1975” (Stanford, S. Bukatman)

Bejarano, Shalmit, “Paintings of Rice Cultivation in the Four Seasons: Ideologies and Representation” (Pittsburgh, K. Gerhard)

Covaci, Ive Aaslid, “Images of Dreams and Visions in Pre-Modern Japanese Art” (Yale, M. Yiengpruksawan)

Foxwell, Chelsea, “Kano Hogai (1828–1888) and the Making of Modern Japanese Painting” (Columbia, M. McCormick)

Fraser, Karen, “The Tomishige Studio and the Origin of Domestic Commercial Photography in Meiji Japan” (Stanford, M. Takeuchi)

Holmberg, Ryan, “Mega Paperphone: Garo Manga of the 1960s” (Yale, M. Yiengpruksawan)

Kim, Sung-Lim, “Art and Culture of the 19th-Century Jungin (Middle People) in Korea: Focusing on Jo Hui-ryong and the Byeoko-sa” (UC Berkeley, P. Berger)

Lai, Kuo-Sheng, “Learning New Painting from Japan and Maintaining National Pride in Early Twentieth Century China, with Focus on Chen Shizeng (1876–1923)” (Maryland, College Park, J. Kuo)

Lee Soyoung, “Influence and Reception: Ceramics and Culture from Southern Korea to Western Japan” (Columbia, M. Murase)

Loh, Joseph, “When Worlds Collide: Art, Cartography, and Spatial Imagination in Early Modern Japan” (Columbia, R. Harrist)

Mack, Karen, “The Dissemination and Popularization of Fudo Imagery from the 9th to 14th Century in Japan” (Kansas, S. Fowler, M. Haufler)

Mueller, Laura, “Entertaining Virtue: Gender, Personification, and the Naturalization of Confucianism in Edo Print Culture” (Wisconsin, Madison, Q. Phillips)

Nettleton, Taro, “Throw out the Books, Get out in the Streets: Subjectivity and Space in Underground Art in Japan in the 1960s” (Rochester, D. Crimp)

Ninomiya, Masumi, “Nationalizing Art, Constructing Asia: Okakura Kakuzo and Nationalism in Asian Art History” (UNC Chapel Hill, C. Mavor)

O'Leary, Thomas, “Tokyo Visions: Structuring Identity in Contemporary Japanese Photography” (USC, J. Reynolds)

Sakomura, Tomoko, “Pictured Words and Codified Seasons: Visual Representations of Waka Poetry in Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century Japan” (Columbia, M. McCormick, R. Harrist)

Shirai, Yoko, “Senbutsu: Figured Clay Tiles, Buddhism, and Political Developments on the Japanese Islands, ca. 650–794 C.E” (UCLA, D. McCallum)

Snow, Hilary K., “Edo Period Votive Paintings: Production and Viewing Practices of Temple Oema” (Stanford, M. Takeuchi)

Spurgeon, Janet Lee, “Constructing the Classical Japanese Past: History Paintings of the Meiji Period” (Wisconsin, Madison, Q. Phillips)

Tsuchikane, Yasuko, “Embellishing Buddhist Temples in Modern Japan: Murals and Sliding Door Paintings by Domoto Insho (1891–1975)” (Columbia, M. McCormick)

Williams, Gratia, “Takuma Eiga: A Revisionist Analysis of a Fourteenth-Century Buddhist Painter” (Columbia, M. Murase)

Zitterbart, Sue, “The Kumando Mandala: The World of Nature, Gods, and Man” (Pittsburgh, K. Linduff)