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Seventeenth Century
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2018

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Castro, Mark, “Inspired Invention: Cristóbal de Villalpando's Paintings of the Life of Saint Francis” (Bryn Mawr College, Gridley McKim-Smith)

Christensen, Theresa Kutasz, “Regina Christina Antiquario: Queen Christina of Sweden’s Development of a Classical Persona Through Allegory and Antiquarian Collecting” (The Pennsylvania State University, R. Thomas)

Fucci, Robert, “Landscape into History: The Early Printed Landscape Series by Jan van de Velde II (1593-1641)” (Columbia University, D. Freedberg)

Gear, Jennifer, “Visualizing the 1630-31 Plague Epidemic in Early Modern Venice and the Veneto” (University of Michigan, M. Holmes)

Harrington, Margaret, “Picturing Devotion in Dutch Golden Age Huiskerken” (University of Maryland, A. Wheelock)

Lee, Jihyun Sophia, “Adapting to the Market: Gabriel Metsu in Amsterdam” (University of Maryland, A. Wheelock)

Palermo, Melisa, “Cor ad cor loquitur: Burning Hearts and the Iconography of Divine Charity in the Catholic World, 1570-1770” (Rice University, J. Manca)

Pawlowski, Anna, “Sanctified Commodities: The Buddhist Paintings of Wu Bin (c. 1540 - 1626) and the Late Ming Buddhist Revival” (Stanford University, R. Vinograd)

Sheers, Joanna, “Rembrandt’s Treatment of Themes from Classical Antiquity” (Institute of Fine Arts/NYU, M. Westermann)

Thorpe, Heather D. “Modernity's Caravaggio: Reinventing a Seicento Artist for the Twentieth Century” (University of Iowa, J. B. Scott)

Travers, Erin, “Boundaries of the Body: The Art of Anatomy in the Seventeenth-Century Netherlands” (University of California, Santa Barbara, A. Adams)

Whitford, Kelly, “Angelic Devotion: Embodying Belief with Bernini’s Angels on the Ponte Sant’Angelo” (Brown University, E. Lincoln)