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Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2018

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Beach, Caitlin, “Sculpture, Slavery, and Commence in the Nineteenth-Century Atlantic World” (Columbia University, E. Hutchinson)

Cook, Emily, “Legacies of Matter: The Reception and Remediation of Material Traditions in Roman Sculpture” (Columbia University, F. de Angelis)

Gans, Sofia, “'An Entire Chapel Cast and Engraved with Images': New Perspectives on the Tomb of St. Sebald in Nuremberg” (Columbia University, S. Murray)

O'Steen, Danielle, “Plastic Fantastic: American Sculpture in the Age of Synthetics” (University of Maryland, J. Shannon)

Raino Isto, “Monumental Endeavors: Sculpting History in Southeastern Europe, 1960–2016” (University of Maryland – College Park, S. Mansbach)

Sepponen, Wendy, “Milanese Bronze, Spanish Stone, and Imperial Materials: Sculptural Interchange and the Leoni Workshops (1549-1608)” (University of Michigan, M. Holmes, A. Potts)

Shultz, Oliver “Paul Thek: Untimely Bodies, 1963-1988” (Stanford University, P. Lee)

Rooney, Sierra, “Monumental Women: Gender, Place, and Heroism in American Public Statues, 1980-2018” (Stony Brook University, M. Bogart)

Whitford, Kelly, “Angelic Devotion: Embodying Belief with Bernini’s Angels on the Ponte Sant’Angelo” (Brown University, E. Lincoln)