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Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2018

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Davidow, Jackson, “Viral Visions: Art, Epidemiology, and Spatial Practices in the Global AIDS Pandemic” (MIT, C. Jones)

Dowad, Thadeus, “Border Regimes: European Art and Ottoman Modernity, 1789-1839” (University of California, Berkeley; D.G. Grigsby)

Faccion e Ferreira Pinto, Debora, “An Odd Man Out. Antonio Dias in 1970s Art Worlds” (Binghamton University, K. Hatch)

Kindred, Clayton, “An Archaeology of Castration: The Image of the Eunuch in Nineteenth-Century Art” (Ohio State University, A. Shelton)

Sánchez Bataller, Daniel, “The Promise and the Loss of Socialism in Chile and Spain: The Critical Realism of Patricio Guzmán and Santiago Sierra” (University of Illinois at Chicago, B. Stimson)

Spratt, Emily, “Byzantium not Forgotten: Constructing the Artistic and Cultural Legacy of an Empire between East and West in the Early Modern Period” (Princeton, P. Brown)

West, Caroline, “Picturing Capital: Mass Media and the Art of Visualizing Poverty” (George Mason University, P. Smith)