Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

South/Southeast Asian Art
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2004

Show completed dissertations

Ahmad, Izmer, “Painting and the Body in Modern Malay Paintings in Malaysia” (Victoria, A. Wright)

Ali, Atteqa, “Handle W/Care: The Making of an Art History and a Nation in Pakistian” (UT Austin, J. Leoshko)

Becker, Catherine, “Artistic Production and Ritual Performance at Amaravati and Other Stupas of Andhra Pradesh” (UC Berkeley, J. Williams)

Gamache, Genevieve, “Overcoming Barriers: Identity and Traditionalism in Contemporary Thai Art” (Victoria, A. Wright)

Ganem, Jacqueline, “Traces of the Prophet: A Study of Eighteenth-Century Qadam Rasul Shrines in the Indian Subcontinent” (Virginia, D. Ehnbom)

Joffee, Jennifer, “Art, Architecture, and Politics in Mewar (Rajasthan, India), 1628–1710” (Minnesota, C. Asher)

Kerin, Melissa, “Re/Presenting Devotion: Analysis of Nako’s Buddhist Wall Paintings” (Pennsylvania, M. Meister)

Kim, Hawon, “The Nineteenth-Century Jain Pilgrimage Site of Satrunjaya, Gujarat” (Minnesota, F. Asher)

Kim, Jinah, “Unorthodox Practice: Rethinking the Cult of Illustrated Buddhist Books” (UC Berkeley, J. Williams)

Masteller, Kimberly, “Kalachuri Mandala: A Study of the Temple Construction, Iconography, and Royal Identity in Central India” (Ohio State, S. Huntington)

Millar, Eve, “Weaving Networks Internationally, Institutionalizing Them Locally: Chitralekha Tagore and the Keeping of the Tagore Legacy” (Victoria, A. Wright)

Ninomiya, Masumi, “Nationalizing Art, Constructing Asia: Okakura Kakuzo and Nationalism in Asian Art History” (UNC Chapel Hill, C. Mavor)

Olson, Marsha, “Jesus, Mary, and All the Saints: Indo-Portuguese Ivory Statuettes and Their Role as Mission Art in Seventeenth- to Eighteenth-Century Goa” (Minnesota, C. Asher)

Owen, Lisa, “Beyond Buddhist and Brahmanical Activity: The Place of the Jaina Rock-Cut Excavations at Ellora” (UT Austin, J. Leoshko)

Phillips, Kristy, “Exhibiting the Nation: Politics and Identity in the National Museum of India” (Minnesota, C. Asher)

Rath, Amanda, “Mutable Signs: De/Con/Struction in Indonesian Experimental Art” (Cornell, K. McGowan)

Richardson, Margaret, “Re-Constructing Tradition and Modernity: The Theories and Art Projects of K. G. Subramanyan” (Virginia Commonwealth, H. Risatti)

Sornin, Alexis, “Architectural Culture in Early Modern India: Jaipur and the Mughal Building Workshops” (Harvard, G. Necipoglu)

Stein, Deborah, “The Hegemony of Heritage: Ritual and the Record in Stone at Tenth-Century Temples in Medapata” (UC Berkeley, A. Dundes)