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Colonial and Modern Latin America
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2016

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Abramovich, Lucia, “Precious Materiality in Colonial Andean Art: Gold, Silver, and Jewels in Paintings of the Virgin” (Tulane University, E. Boone)

Caplan, Allison, “Their Flickering Creations: Value, Surface, and Animacy in Nahua Precious Art” (Tulane, E. Boone)

Castro, Mark, “Inspired Invention: Cristóbal de Villalpando’s Paintings of the Life of Saint Francis” (Bryn Mawr, C. Bargellini)

Driggers, Kristopher, “History and Idolatry in the Codex Durán Paintings” (Chicago, C. Brittenham)

Dueck, Kirsten, “The Art of War: Battle Paintings of New Spain, 1665–1714” (Princeton, T. DaCosta Kaufmann)

Esquivel, Savannah, “Ornament and Antiquity in the Murals of Sixteenth-Century Mexico” (Chicago, C. Fromont)

Floyd, Emily, “Matrices of Devotion: Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century Limenian Devotional Prints and Local Religion in the Viceroyalty of Peru” (Tulane, E. Boone)

Márquez, Natalia Vargas, “Looking through the Landscape: An Interpretative Model for Seventeenth-Century Cuzquenian Painting” (Minnesota, M. Gaudio)

McMahon, Brendan, “Where Sight is Scarcely Able to Assure: Iridescence, Vision, and Belief in the Early Modern Spanish World” (USC, D. Bleichmar)

Oleas-Mogollón, Isabel, “Jesuit Missionary and Visionary Experiences in Quito: La Compañía Prophet Paintings” (Delaware, M. Domínguez Torres)

Ospina, Catalina, “From Mouth to Hand: Mopa Mopa Objects and Epistemological Encounters in the Colonial Andes” (Chicago, C. Fromont)

Saracino, Jennifer, “Shifting Landscape: Depictions of Environmental Disruption in the Mappa Uppsala of Mexico-Tenochtitlan” (Tulane, E. Boone)

Thames, Emily K., “Enlightenment, Reform, and Identity in Late Eighteenth-Century Puerto Rico: The Art of José Campeche (1751–1809)” (Florida State, P. Niell)

Todd, Leslie, “Eighteenth-Century Sculpture in Colonial Quito: Responding to Social and Political Change in the Domestic Sphere” (Florida, M. Stanfield-Mazzi)

Wohletz, Sonya, “Lilies and Ash: Art Production, Devotional Culture, and Crisis in Late Seventeenth-Century Quito” (Tulane, E. Boone)

Zimmerman, Rachel, “Global Luxuries at Home: The Material Possessions of an Elite Family in Eighteenth-Century Minas Gerais, Brazil” (Delaware, M. Domínguez Torres)