Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

Ceramics/Metals/Fiber Arts/Glass
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2016

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Dupertuis, Lindsay, “‘The Ornament of the Mind’: Istoriato Maiolica and the Luxury of Reading in Renaissance Urbino and Beyond” (Maryland, College Park, M. Gill)

Glasscock, Ann, “Sacred Silver in Modern America: Hudson Roysher and the Postwar Revival of Religious Craft” (Wisconsin, Madison, N. Marshall)

Gore, Holly, “Aspirational Structures: Institutional Building in Wood, 1943–1969” (UC Santa Barbara, J. Sorkin)

Yi, Hye-shim, “Inscribing Objects: The Intellectual Craft of Chen Hongshou (1768–1822)”
(UCLA, H. Lee)