Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

500 BCE to 500 CE
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2016

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Arney, Jane, “Gleaming Cauldrons and Golden Offerings: Tripods and Memory in Greek and Roman Culture” (Emory, B. Wescoat)

Bogansky, Amy, “The Merchant’s Middlemen: Factors, Supercargoes, and the Praxis of Exchange in the Early Modern Atlantic World” (Bard Graduate Center, D. Jaffee)

Cheng, Julianne, “Making the Ordered Cosmos: The Gigantomachy in Archaic and Classical Athenian Vase Painting” (Emory, B. Wescoat)

Cochran, Daniel, “Building the Body: Ecclesiastical Art and Architecture in the Formation of Christian Identities in Late Antique Italy (c. 318–450 CE)” (Wisconsin, Madison, T. Dale)

Cupello, Katherine, “Reconstructing Mark Antony: Rethinking the Representation of a Roman Triumvir in the Hellenistic East” (Emory, E. Varner)

Eckhardt, Ashley, “The Crafting of Cult Statues in the High Hellenistic Period” (Emory, B. Wescoat)

Jewell, Kaelin, “Architectural Decorum and Aristocratic Power in Late Antiquity: The Gens Anicii” (Temple, E. Bolman)

Jiang, An, “The Kleophrades Painter and His World” (Emory, B. Wescoat)

Jones, Kira, “Domitian and Minerva at Rome: Iconography and Divine Sanction in the Eternal City” (Emory, E. Varner)

Mundy, Joanna, “Domus and Insulae in the City of Rome: Living Spaces, Design, and Development” (Emory, E. Varner)

Szymanska, Agnieszka, “Divine Spectacle: The Early Byzantine Triconch at the Red Monastery in Egypt” (Temple, E. Bolman)