Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2016

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Beach, Caitlin, “Sculpture, Slavery, and Commodity in the Nineteenth-Century Atlantic World” (Columbia, E. Hutchinson)

Bowyer, Emerson, “Numismatic Modernity: Romantic Economies of Representation” (Columbia, A. Higonnet)

DiBenedetto, Erica, “Drawing from Architecture: The Conceptual Methods of Sol LeWitt’s Art, 1965–1980” (Princeton, B. Doherty, H. Foster)

Fiske, Courtney, “Rethinking Post-Minimalism: Gordon Matta-Clark and the Cut c. 1970” (Columbia U, B. Joseph)

Forstall, Charlotte, “The Roman Imperial Arch Monument in Topographical Context” (Indiana, J. Van Voorhis)

Fowler, Magaret McCrummen, “Bodies of Degeneration: Auguste Rodin and the French Fin-de-Siècle” (Tulane, M. Foa)

Gebauer, Elizabeth, “The Art of Speech: Flemish Baroque Pulpits 1627–1794” (Princeton, T. DaCosta Kaufmann)

Isto, Raino: “Monumental Endeavors: Sculpting History in Southeastern Europe, 1960–2016” (Maryland, College Park, S. Mansbach)

Lucca, Maria, “Renaissance Siena as a Case Study of Cross-Cultural Exchange in Central Italy” (CUNY, J. Saslow)

Nelson-Dusek, Colin, “Antoine Bourdelle and the Reception of Classicism in Early Twentieth-Century French Sculpture” (Delaware, N. Athanassoglou-Kallmyer)

Todd, Leslie, “Eighteenth-Century Sculpture in Colonial Quito: Responding to Social and Political Change in the Domestic Sphere” (Florida, M. Stanfield-Mazzi)

Westerby, Matthew, “Religious Experience and Monastic Identity in Romanesque Sculpture at Santa Maria de Ripoll (Catalonia), 1030–1180” (Wisconsin, Madison, T. Dale)

Whitford, Kelly, “Angelic Devotion: Embodying Belief with Bernini’s Angels on the Ponte Sant’Angelo” (Brown, D. Nickel)