Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2016

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Beardsley, Amanda, “Celestial Mechanics: Technologies of Salvation in American Mormonism” (Binghamton University, T. McDonough, P. Smart)

Bovenmyer, Peter, “Alternative Anatomies: Visual Science and the Body, 1200–1600” (Wisconsin, Madison, T. Dale)

Cho, Yong, “Approaches to Materiality and Flatness: Mongol Imperial Patronage of Buddhist Art in Yuan China (1279–1368)” (Yale, M. Yiengpruksawan)

Cochran, Daniel, “Building the Body: Ecclesiastical Art and Architecture in the Formation of Christian Identities in Late Antique Italy (c. 318–450 CE)” (Wisconsin, Madison, T. Dale)

Di Croce, Alessandra, “Sacred Fragments. The Reception of Christian Antiquity in Post-Reformation Rome” (Columbia, H. Klein, D. Freedberg)

Dieter, Mark, “A Sacred Nature: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Exploration of Hierotopy in Residential, Commercial, and Civic Architecture” (Wisconsin, Madison, T. Dale)

Fowler, Michael Anthony, “Human Sacrifice in Greek Antiquity: Between Myth, Image, and Reality” (Columbia, I. Mylonopoulos)

Glasscock, Ann, “Sacred Silver in Modern America: Hudson Roysher and the Postwar Revival of Religious Craft” (Wisconsin, Madison, N. Marshall)

Gordon, Addie “Constructing the Culture Pilgrim: Architecture and Revitalization in Santiago de Compostela” (Binghamton University, P. Smart)

Hupe, Eric, “The Franciscan Theology of Light and Venetian Painting of the Late Fifteenth Century” (Virginia, F. Fiorani)

Laferrière, Carolyn, “The Complex Sensations of Divine Music in Archaic and Classical Greek Art” (Yale, M. Gaifman)

Little, Lalaine, “Portable Devotion: Philippine Christian Visual Culture 1521–1815” (Binghamton University, N. Um)

Nevins, Teresa, “Viewing Revelation: Text and Image in Ninth-Century Apocalypse Manuscripts” (Delaware, L. Nees)

Offill, Ashley, “The Corsini Chapel in Santa Maria del Carmine: Framing the Relic Cult of St. Andrea Corsini in Baroque Florence” (Kansas, S. Cornelison; A. Hedeman)

Spratt, Emily, “Byzantium not Forgotten: Constructing the Artistic and Cultural Legacy of an Empire between East and West in the Early Modern Period” (Princeton, P. Brown)