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Native American/First Nations
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2016

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Bell, Gloria, “The Eloquence of Things: An Analysis of Indigenous Art at the 1925 Pontifical Missionary Exposition” (University of British Columbia, C. Thrush)

Chavez, Yve, “Indigenous Artists and Ingenuity at the California Missions after 1769” (UCLA, C. Villaseñor-Black)

Hawley, Elizabeth S., “Imaging the Indian/Imagining the Indian: Modern Art and Native Tradition in Santa Fe, 1909–1931” (CUNY, K. Manthorne)

Jensen, Hadley, “Shaped by the Camera: Navajo Weavers and the Photography of Making in the American Southwest, 1880–1945” (Bard Graduate Center, A. Glass)

McGeough, Michelle, “The Indigenous Sovereign Body: Gender, Sexualities, and Performance” (University of New Mexico, J. Szabo)

McLeod, Suzanne, “Not So Different: Sensory and Cross Cultural Recognitions between Eighteenth-Century Northwest Coast Peoples and Spanish Colonial Expeditions” (University of New Mexico, J. Szabo)

Murphy, Elizabeth, “A Forward Looking Art: Education, Creative Exchange, and the Rise of Modern Native American Art” (USC, K. Flint)

Rose, Diana, “Living Time, Performing Memory: Maya Ceremonies of Foundation and Renewal” (UC Santa Cruz, C. Dean)

Smith, Cassandra, “Kiva Murals at Pottery Mound: Toward a Trans-temporal Analysis of Performativity and Intermediality” (UIC, V. Miller)

Young, India, “Cultural imPRINT: Contemporary Northwest Coast Native Art in Print” (University of New Mexico, J. Szabo)