Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

Japanese/Korean Art
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2004

Show completed dissertations

Aaslid Covaci, Ive, “Images of Dreams and Visions in Pre-Modern Japanese Art” (Yale, M. Yiengpruksawan)

Buckland, Rosina, “The Politics of Style: Orthodox Painting in Japan, 1850s–1890s” (IFA/NYU, M. Trede)

Delpy, Fabienne, “Eizö: Theory and Practice of the ‘Camera-Based Image’ in Japan, 1960–1975” (Stanford, S. Bukatman)

Fowler, Liz, “The Rookwood Sage: Kataro Shirayamadani and American Japonism, 1883–1913” (Minnesota, G. Weisberg)

Fraser, Karen, “Picturing Japan: Commercial Photography in the Meiji Era” (Stanford, M. Takeuchi)

Gunji, Naoko, “Amidaji: Mortuary Art, Architecture, and Rites of Emperor Antoku’s Temple” (Pittsburgh, K. Gerhart)

Hahn, Christine, “The Cold War in Korean Art: Painting, Photography, and the Development of the National Museum in South Korea, 1957–1962” (Chicago, M. Ward)

Han, Jin, “Modernization and Nationalism: The Rise of Social Realism in South Korea (1980–1988)” (CUNY, H. Senie)

Hirasawa, Caroline, “Hellbent On Heaven: Female Damnation and Salvation in Tateyama’s Mandalas” (Stanford, M. Takeuchi)

Holmberg, Ryan, “Paper Megaphone: Garo and the Artistic Undoing of Tokyo” (Yale, M. Yiengpruksawan)

Kim, Sung Lim, “Art and Culture of the Nineteenth-Century Korean Middle Class Artists: Jo Hui-Ryong and His Circle of Friends” (UC Berkeley, P. Berger)

Lee Soyoung, “Influence and Reception: Ceramics and Culture From Southern Korea to Western Japan” (Columbia, M. Murase)

Lee, Hyewon, “Politics and Public Sculpture in Seoul, Korea” (Missouri, J. Klein)

Loh, Joseph, “When Worlds Collide: Art, Cartography, and Spatial Imagination in Early Modern Japan” (Columbia, R. Harrist)

Mack, Karen, “The Dissemination and Popularization of Fudo Imagery From the Ninth to Fourteenth Century in Japan” (Kansas, S. Fowler, M. Haufler)

Mueller, Laura, “Entertaining Virtue: Gender, Personification, and the Naturalization of Confucianism in Edo Print Culture” (Wisconsin, Madison, Q. Phillips)

Ninomiya, Masumi, “Nationalizing Art, Constructing Asia: Okakura Kakuzo and Nationalism in Asian Art History” (UNC Chapel Hill, C. Mavor)

Sakomura, Tomoko, “Pictured Words and Codified Seasons: Visual Representations of Waka Poetry in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Japan” (Columbia, M. McCormick, R. Harrist)

Shirai, Yoko, “Senbutsu: Figured Clay Tiles, Buddhism, and Political Developments On the Japanese Islands, c. 650–794 BCE” (UCLA, D. McCallum)

Snow, Hilary K., “Edo Period (1603–1868) Votive Paintings: Production and Viewing Practices of Temple Ema” (Stanford, M. Takeuchi)

Spurgeon, Janet Lee, “Constructing the Classical Japanese Past: History Paintings of the Meiji Period” (Wisconsin, Madison, Q. Phillips)

Suzuki, Yui, “The Medicine Master: Yakushi Buddha Images in Heian Japan (794–1185)” (UCLA, D. McCallum)

Szostak, John Donald, “The Kokugakai and Nihonga Painting Reform, 1900–1930” (Washington, C. Bogel)

Takamatsu, Mari, “Painting, Theater, and Visual Experience in Early Modern Japan (1596–1644)” (IFA/NYU, J. Hay)

Tezuka, Miwako, “Towards a Postwar Japanese Avant-Garde: The Experimental Workshop (1951–1958) and the High Red Center (1963–1964)” (Columbia, B. Buchloh)

Tsuchikane, Yasuko, “Embellishing Buddhist Temples in Modern Japan: Murals and Sliding Door Paintings By Dômoto Inshô (1891–1975)” (Columbia, M. McCormick)

Tsuruya, Mayu, “War Campaign Documentary Painting: Japan’s National Imagery of the ‘Holy War’ (1937–1945)” (Pittsburgh, T. Rimer)

Volk, Alicia, “The Japanese Expressionist: Yorozu Tetsugorô (1885–1927) and the Language of Modern Art” (Yale, M. Yiengpruksawan)

Williams, Gratia, “Takuma Eiga and 14th Century Buddhist Painting” (Columbia, M. Murase)

Wu, Xiaojin, “Beyond Decoration: The Forms, Meanings and Functions of the Ink Bird-And-Flower Screens in Muromachi Japan” (Princeton, Y. Shimizu)

Yamamoto, Sharon, “Visual Culture at Imperial Buddhist Convents and Its Significance For Understanding ‘Women’s Art’ in Japan” (UC Berkeley, G. Levine)

Yang, Euhnee, “On Kawara’s Nomadic Mind: Autobiography of a Citizen of the World” (CUNY, A. Chave)

Zitterbart, Sue, “The Kumando Mandala: The World of Nature, Gods and Man” (Pittsburgh, K. Gerhart)