Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

Greek/Roman Art
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2004

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Bare, Ceil, “Achilles and the Roman Aristocrat: The Ambrosian Iliad as a Social Statement in the Late Antique Period” (Florida State, C. Hahn)

Busby, Kimberly, “The Temple Terracottas of Etruscan Orvieto: The Power of Cult in Pre-Roman Italy” (UIUC, E. Hostetter)

Cassibry, Kimberly, “Enarrabile Textum: Roman Monumental Arches and the Margins of Commemoration” (UC Berkeley, C. Hallett)

Cline, Lea, “The Altars of Rome Reconsidered” (UT Austin, P. Davies, J. Clarke)

Doherty, Keith, “Spatial Dynamics in Roman Landscape Paintings” (Boston, F. Kleiner)

Goulet, Crispin Corrado, “A Study of Deity Assimilation in Sculptural Representations of Male Children From the Roman Imperial Era” (Brown, R. Winkes)

Gross, Robert, “Hellenistic Royal Portraits On Gems” (Rutgers, J. Kenfield)

Grupico, Theresa, “Urban Planning and Temple Design at Selinus (Selinunte, Sicily): Temple E” (Rutgers, J. Kenfield)

Hardiman, Craig, “The Nature of Hellenistic Domestic Sculpture in Its Cultural and Spatial Contexts” (Ohio State, M. Fullerton)

Heuser, Jennifer Ledig, “Visual Epic: Roman Images of the Trojan Cycle” (Harvard, G. F. Pinney)

Hunt, Gloria Park, “Foundation Rituals and the Culture of Building in Ancient Greece” (UNC Chapel Hill, D. Haggis)

Husser, Zehavi, “The Socio-Political Role of Jupiter in Official Roman State Religion and Ideology in Italy During the Imperial Period From Augustus to the Antonines” (Princeton, H. Meyer)

Ibarra, Alvaro, “Legions in Mourning: Reconstructing Communities in the Roman Provinces” (UT Austin, J. Clarke, P. Davies)

Martin, S. Rebecca, “Hellenization and the Levant: Material Evidence of the Process of Acculturation” (UC Berkeley, A. Stewart)

Martinez, Victor M., “Etrusco-Italic Herclè: A Study in the Formation of Image, Cult, and Regional Identity” (UIUC, E. Hostetter)

Molholt, Rebecca M., “On Stepping Stones: The Historical Experience of Roman Mosaics” (Columbia, R. Brilliant, N. Kampen)

Poe, Alison, “The Frescoes of the Hypogaeum of the Aurelii in Rome” (Rutgers, A. Harvey)

Pope, Spencer, “The Fourth Century City of Palike, Sicily” (Brown, R. Holloway)

Roland, Sarah, “Corinth and the Birth of Figural Representation in Greek Monumental Architecture” (Columbia, C. Marconi, N. Kampen)

Sandhoff, Bridget K., “Androgyny in Etruscan Art and Culture” (Iowa, R. de Puma)

Seaman, Kristen, “Rhetoric and Innovation in the Art of the Hellenistic Courts” (UC Berkeley, A. Stewart)

Segal, Phoebe C., “Soaring Votives: Anathemata in Archaic and Classical Greek Sanctuaries” (Columbia, C. Marconi, R. Brilliant)

Thompson, Joanne, “Images of Vesta and the Vestal Virgins in Roman State Religion and Imperial Policy of the First and Second Centuries AD” (Yale, D. Kleiner)

Tronchin, Francesca, “An Eclectic Locus Artis: the Casa Di Octavius” (Boston, F. Kleiner)

Valladares, Hrica, “Imago Amoris: The Poetics of Desire in Roman Painting” (Columbia, R. Brilliant, N. Kampen)

Vondippe, Roger, “The Origins and Development of Continuous Narrative in Roman Art, 300 BCE–200 CE” (USC, J. Pollini)

Walcek, Erin, “Terracotta Sculpture in Early Iron-Age Greece” (Missouri, S. Langdon)

Walsh, Justin, “Trade, Demography, and Daily Life: Domestic Assemblages From Fifth-Century BCE Morgantina, Sicily” (Virginia, M. Bell Iii)

Wardle, Marianne, “Naked and Unashamed: A Study of the Aphrodite Anadyomene in the Greco-Roman World” (Duke, S. Dillon)

Williams, Christopher, “The Material Culture of Roman Egypt” (Missouri, K. W. Slane)