Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2004

Show completed dissertations

Blackburn, Marcia, “A Social Architectonics of Science Fiction Film Design” (SUNY Binghamton, T. McDonough)

Bouman, Margot, “Fata Morgana: Matrices of Video and Site” (Rochester, D. Crimp)

Chung, Francis, “Perspicuous Representations: Ordinary Language in Conceptual Art and Cinema” (UC Berkeley, W. Davis)

Czach, Liz, “Careless Rapture: Artifacts and Archives of the Home Movie” (Rochester, S. Willis)

Delpy, Fabienne, “Eizö: Theory and Practice of the ‘Camera-Based Image’ in Japan, 1960–1975” (Stanford, S. Bukatman)

Humphrey, Dan, “Projected Affects/Constructed Subjects: Considering the Male American Spectator of ‘Foreign’ Feature Films” (Rochester, D. Crimp)

Kaizen, William, “The Immediate: Video Art, c. 1970” (Columbia, B. Buchloh)

Makarah, O. Funmilayo, “Power to the People: Media Activism, Pedagogy, Representation, and Urban Youth” (Rochester, S. Willis)

Mizoguchi, Akiko, “The Construction of Lesbian Sexuality in Contemporary Japan in Relation to Yaoi Fictions and ‘Gay Boom’ Cinema” (Rochester, D. Crimp)

Muller, Gabriela, “Abstraction On the Move: The Medium of the German Absolute Film” (Stanford, S. Bukatman)

Neil, Jonathan, “‘Consecutive Matters,’ or the Dependence of Late 1960s Sculpture On the Filmic Model” (Columbia, B. Buchloh, R. Krauss)

Proctor, Jacob, “Between Object and Experience: Video Art and Broadcast Television in the United States 1967–1977” (Harvard, Y-A. Bois)

Tseng, Li-Lin, “Melodrama as Modernity in Early Chinese Cinema: A Case Study in the Works of Zheng Zhengqiu and His Shanghai Contemporaries, 1922–1937” (UIUC, J. Fineberg)

Williams, Michael, “Playing Perverse: Being-In-The-Filmic-World” (Rochester, T. Dipiero)

Wilson, Siona, “Narrative Turn: The Filmic Mode in Feminist Art Practices of the 1970s, North America and Britain” (Columbia, B. Buchloh, C. Kiaer)