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Ancient Greek/Roman Art
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2018

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Berlin, Nicole, “Old Houses, New Viewers: Domestic Renovation in Roman Sicily” (Johns Hopkins University, M. Feldman)

Cook, Emily, “ Legacies of Matter: The Reception and Remediation of Material Traditions in Roman Sculpture” (Columbia University, F. de Angelis)

Cupello, Katherine, “Reconstructing Marcus Antonius: Rethinking the Representation of a Roman Triumvir in the Hellenistic East” (Emory University, E. Varner)

Gorham, R. Benjamin, “Threads in the Urban Fabric: Patterns of Non-Elite
Housing at Pompeii” (University of Virginia, J. Dobbins)

Jewell, Kaelin, “Architectural Decorum and Aristocratic Power in Late Antique Rome, Constantinople, and Ravenna” (Temple University, E. Bolman)

Jones, Kira, “Domitian and Minerva at Rome: Iconography and Divine Sanction in the Eternal City” (Emory University, E. Varner)

Kidd, Allison, “Imaginibus vel Simulacris: Depicting Urban Landscapes and Architecture in Roman Antiquity” (Institute of Fine Arts/NYU, K. Welch)

Lieberman, Leigh, “The Persistent Past: Refoundations in Sicily and Magna Graecia in the 5th and 4th Centuries BCE” (Princeton, M. Koortbojian, N. Arrington, N. Luraghi)

Maranzana, Paolo, “The Death of the City and the Creation of a New Social Order in Late Roman Central Anatolia” (University of Michigan, C. Ratté)

Mundy, Joanna, “Domūs and Insulae in the City of Rome: Living Spaces, Design, and Development” (Emory University, E. Varner)

Rodríguez, Gretel, “The Dynamics of Roman Honorific Arches: Space, Design, and Reception” (University of Texas at Austin, J. Clarke and P. Davies)

Rodriquez, Mari, “The São Paulo Neo-Avant-Garde: Art, Collaboration, and Print Media, 1970–1985” (University of Texas at Austin, Flaherty and Giunta)

Sachs, Emma, “Stylistic Allusions in Campanian Wall Painting and the Boscoreale Workshop” (University of Michigan, E. Gazda)

Salminen, Elina, “Society and Burials from Central-Western Macedon, 550–300 BCE: Intersections of Gender, Age, and Status” (University of Michigan, L. Nevett)

Shea, Tim, “Mapping Immigrant Communities through their Tombstones in Archaic and Classical Athens” (Duke University, S. Dillon and C. Antonaccio)

Spinelli, Ambra, “The Tablinum: A Space and Stage for 'Private' and 'Public' Rituals in the Houses of Pompeii and Herculaneum” (University of Southern California, J. Pollini)

Ward, Andrew, “Beyond Hellenization: Terracotta Ritual Furniture in Ancient Sicily” (Institute of Fine Arts/NYU, C. Marconi)

Weiss, Claire Jeanette, “The Construction of Sidewalks as Indicator of Social and
Economic Interaction in Ancient Roman Cities” (University of Virginia, J. Dobbins)

Wolfson, Elizabeth, “Pictorial Representations of Monkeys and Simianesque Creatures in Greek Art” (University of Missouri, S. Langdon)