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Eighteenth-Century Art
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2004

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Caffey, Mark, “Subjecting History: Benjamin West, History Painting and the Heroics of Empire in Eighteenth-Century Britain” (UT Austin, S. Rather, J. Leoshko)

Campbell, Kristin E., “Taste and Nation: Spaces of Viewing in Britain, 1770–1895” (Queen’s, Kingston, J. Brooke, J. Helland)

Campbell, Eva, “A Sign of the Times: Representations of Racialization in Eighteenth Century English Trade Cards” (Victoria, A. Wright)

Chua, Kevin, “Grueze and Sensibility’s Materialism 1759–1769” (UC Berkeley, D. Grimaldo Grigsby)

Dubin, Nina, “Futures and Ruins: The Painting of Hubert Robert” (UC Berkeley, D. Grimaldo Grigsby)

Freund, Amy, “Revolutionary Likenesses: Portraiture and Politics in France, 1789–1804” (UC Berkeley, D. Grimaldo Grigsby)

Jones, Jennifer, “A Discourse On Drawings: Salon Culture and the Graphic Arts in Eighteenth-Century Paris” (Columbia, D. Rosand)

King Gilbert, Kristin L., “Pedagogical Innovations at the French Academy in Rome Under the Direction of Charles Natoire (1752–1775)” (Iowa, D. Johnson)

McLane, Preston, “Alessandro Magnasco and the Painterly Picaresque” (Florida State, R. Neuman)

Mitchell, Elizabeth, “Mechanical Reproduction: Pregnancy and the Idea of Creativity in William Hogarth’s Printmaking” (UC Santa Barbara, A. Bermingham)

Roman, Monica, “Eighteenth-Century French Genre Painting in the Public Sphere” (Victoria, R. Wrigley)

Saska, Hope, “Theatricality and the Popular Print in Eighteenth-Century England” (Brown, K. D. Kriz)

Smentek, Kristel, “Collecting in the Age of Enlightenment: Pierre-Jean Mariette and the Universal History of Art” (Delaware, N. Kallmyer)