Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

Early Medieval/Romanesque/Gothic Art
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2004

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Abend-David, Ilana, “The Heribert Shrine” (SUNY Binghamton, B. Abou-El-Haj)

Ataoguz, J. Kirsten, “Cultivating the Monastic Ideal: Imitation and Emulation at the Monastic Church of Saint John in Müstair” (Harvard, J. Hamburger, I. Kalavrezou)

Bauer-Smith, Charlotte, “Visual Constructions of Corporate Identity and Exempla For the University of Paris, 1200–1500” (UIUC, A. Hedeman)

Borland, Jennifer, “Unstable Women: Transgression and Corporeal Experience in Twelfth-Century Visual Culture” (Stanford, S. Lewis)

Bradbury, Carlee Ann, “Imaging and Imagining the Jew in Medieval England” (UIUC, A. Hedeman)

Bruhn, Heather, “Late Gothic Architectural Monstrances in the Rhineland” (Penn State, E. B. Smith)

Canejo, Cynthia, “Transforming Early Gothic Form: The Cistercian Abbey of Pontigny and Northern Burgundian Architecture” (UC Santa Barbara, C. E. Armi)

Canning, Jonathan, “The Stone-Cage Chantry Chapel and the Architecture of Perpetual Commemoration in Late Medieval England” (Columbia, S. Murray)

Collins, Kristen M., “Redeemer, Mother, and Ruler: Images of the Virgin in Ottonian Germany” (UT Austin, J. Holladay)

De Appolonia, Giovanna, “Profane and Sacred Justice: The Symbolism of the Romanesque Column-Bearing Lion From Northern Italy” (Boston, D. Kahn)

Dewsnap, Terence Francis, Jr., “The Romanesque Cathedral of Saint Mary at Lincoln and the Image of Reform” (Columbia, S. Murray)

Dimitrova, Kate, “The Passion of Christ in Late Medieval Tapestries” (Pittsburgh, A. Stones)

Egan, Heather, “Containing the Sacred: Enamel Phylacteries, Relics, and Twelfth-Century Theology in the Meuse Valley” (Johns Hopkins, H. Kessler)

Elliott, Gillian, “Alsatian Sculpture in the Aftermath of the Investiture Controversy (1130–1190)” (UT Austin, J. Holladay)

Evalds, Valija, “Regularis Concordia: The Development of the Monastic Cloister in England” (Yale, W. Cahn)

Foster-Campbell, Megan H., “Reading Pilgrimage: Pilgrims’ Badges in Late Medieval Devotional Texts” (UIUC, A. Hedeman)

Fulghum Heintz, Mary, “The Transitive Form: Textiles as Transmitters of Power in the Middle Ages” (Harvard, I. Kalavrezou)

Gatti, Evan, “Developing an Iconography of the Episcopacy: Liturgical Portraiture and Episcopal Politics in Late Tenth- and Early Eleventh-Century Manuscripts” (UNC Chapel Hill, D. Verkerk)

Gerry, Kathryn, “The Alexis Quire and Its Role Within the Saint Albans Psalter” (Johns Hopkins, H. Kessler)

Gesink Cornelisse, Melanie, “Counterfeit Portraits and Authentic Likeness: Ways of Imaging Sacred Figures in Late Medieval Germany” (UT Austin, J. Smith)

Greenwood, Jill Vessely, “The Romanesque Duomo in Sovana, Italy: Context, Iconography, and Style” (Kansas, M. Stokstad)

Grossman, Max, “Architecture and Ideology in the Sienese Contado From the Age of Frederick Ii to the Fall of the Nine” (Columbia, S. Murray)

Hadley, Margaret, “The Yale Missal, Beinecke Library, Ms. 425” (Yale, W. Cahn)

Heath, Anne, “Framing Medieval Devotion: The Display of Relics in the Abbey Church of Saint-Germain and the Cathedral of Saint-Etienne, Auxerre, 1200–1400” (Brown, S. Bonde)

Joyner, Danielle, “A Timely History: Images and Texts in the Hortus Deliciarum” (Harvard, J. Hamburger)

Karr Schmidt, Suzanne, “Art—A User’s Guide: Interactive and Sculptural Printmaking in the Renaissance” (Yale, C. Wood)

Kibbey, Douglas Marshall, “Historical Assemblage and the Aggregate Object in the Later Middle Ages” (Yale, C. Wood)

Killian, Kyle, “Landscapes of Saint-Pierre d’Orbais: The Anthropology of Medieval Monastic Architecture” (Columbia, S. Murray)

Kingsley, Jennifer, “The Bishop and the Book: Art, Ideology and Collecting in Medieval Germany” (Johns Hopkins, H. Kessler)

Kirkwood, Kevanne, “On Inventive Scribes and Visual Literacy in Western Books: The Bobbio Orosius and the Earliest Medieval Manuscripts From Bobbio” (Delaware, D. Kinney)

Kumler, Aden, “Visual Translation, Visible Theology: Illuminated Devotional Compendia in Late Medieval France and England” (Harvard, J. Hamburger)

Lachat, Isabelle, “Offering the Sacred Word: The Gospels of S. Maria Ad Martyres (Trier, Stadtbibliothek, Cod. 23) and Carolingian Court Taste in the Early Ninth Century” (Delaware, L. Nees)

Lakey, Chris, “Relief in Perspective: Italian Sculpture and the Rise of Optical Aesthetics” (UC Berkeley, J. Jung)

Larocco, Elizabeth, “Miracula Sanctae Virginis: Marian Miracle Illustration in the Thirteenth-Century Manuscripts of Gautier de Coinci’s Les Miracles de Notre Dame” (Yale, W. Cahn)

Locke, Alison, “Visuality and Experience in the Twelfth-Century Church of Castel Sant’elia, Near Nepi Vt” (Yale, M. Georgopoulou)

Mahoney, Lisa, “Re-Presenting the Past: The Histoire Ancienne Jusqu’a Cesar in the Context of the Crusades” (Johns Hopkins, D. Weiss)

McKiernan Gonzalez, Eileen, “Monastery and Monarchy: The Foundation and Patronage of Santa Maria La Real de Las Hueleas and Santa Maria La Real de Sigena” (UT Austin, J. Holladay)

Moebus-Bergeron, Susanne, “The Adaptation and Application of Goldsmith Techniques in Medieval Manuscripts From the Early Eleventh- to the Mid Thirteenth-Century” (Boston, D. Kahn)

Morrow, Kara, “‘Ears and Eyes and Mouth and Heart His Soul and His Senses’: The Visual St. Stephen Narrative as the Essence of Ecclesiastical Authority” (Florida State, C. Hahn)

Mundis, Martha, “Christine de Pizan’s ‘Livre d’Epitre d’othea a Hector’ at the Intersection of Image and Text” (Kansas, M. Stokstad)

Nevins, Teresa, “Viewing Revelation: Text and Image in Ninth-Century Apocalypse Manuscripts” (Delaware, L. Nees)

O’Brien, Maureen, “Art and Text in the Vienna Genesis” (UNC Chapel Hill, D. Verkerk)

Pac, Teresa, “Churches at the Edge: A Comparative Study of Acculturation at the Baltic Shore in the Middle Ages” (SUNY Binghamton, C. Burroughs)

Prescher, Amy, “Saxon Convent Architecture: The Diocese of Halberstadt in the High Middle Ages” (Yale, W. Cahn)

Proctor-Tiffany, Mariah, “Portrait of a Medieval Patron: The Collection and Patronage of Clementia of Hungary” (Brown, S. Bonde)

Ramirez-Weaver, Eric, “Carolingian Innovation and Observation in the Paintings and State Catalogs of Madrid, Biblioteca Nacional, Ms. 3307” (IFA/NYU, J. Alexander)

Roberts, Angela, “Late Medieval Donor Portraiture in Venice and Verona” (Queen’s, Kingston, J. Osborne)

Schowalter, Kathleen, “Capetian Queens and Their Books: Art, Ideology, and Dynastic Continuity in Medieval France, 1200–1328” (Johns Hopkins, D. Weiss)

Sciacca, Christine, “The Gradual and Sacramentary of Hainricus Sacrista (Pierpont Morgan Library, Ms. 711) and the Liturgy of Weingarten Abbey” (Columbia, S. Murray, H. Klein)

Scibilia, Anthony, “Perspective Before Perspective” (Columbia, S. Murray)

Spiro, Anna Lee, “The Facade of San Zeno in Verona: A Banner Worthy of Defense” (Columbia, J. Beck)

Stewart, Charles A., “Development of Medieval Dome Churches in France” (Indiana, Bloomington, W. Kleinbauer)

Sullivan, Timothy, “Interactions Between Codex and Panel” (Yale, C. Wood)

Tallon, Andrew J., “Experiments in Early Gothic Structure: The Flying Buttress” (Columbia, S. Murray)

Van Liefferinge, Stefaan, “The Choir of Notre-Dame of Paris: The Sacred, the Practical, and the Mathematical” (Columbia, S. Murray)

Waldrop, Gregory, “Sight Unseen: Priests and Visual Representation in Early Renaissance Italy” (UC Berkeley, L. Partridge)

Wemm, Keith, “The Emperor, the Bishop, and the Archdeacon: The Significance of Art in the Episcopal Renovation of Trier” (Florida State, C. Hahn)