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Early Christian/Byzantine Art
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2004

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Angelova, Diliana, “Imaging the Christian Empress: The Iconography of Female Imperial Authority; Its Religious and Political Origins From the First to the Sixth Century” (Harvard, I. Kalavrezou)

Bogdanovic, Jelena, “To Κιβωριον: The Framing of Sacred Space in the Byzantine Tradition” (Princeton, S. Ćurčić)

Clark, Travis, “Imaging the Cosmos: The Iconography and Meaning of the Cosmograms in The Christian Topography By Cosmas Indicopleustes” (Temple University, E. Bolman)

Dalgic, Orgu, “Late Antique Floor Mosaics of Constantinople Before the Great Palace” (IFA/NYU, T. Mathews)

Downs, Joan, “The Topography and Iconography of Death in Christian North Africa” (Michigan, T. Thomas)

Gittings, Elizabeth, “The Ideology and Aesthetics of Architecture in the Early Christian Mosaics of the Rotunda in Thessaloniki” (Harvard, I. Kalavrezou)

Klima, Alice, “A Study of Roudnice Abbey” (Brown, S. Bonde)

Lewis, Tonya, “Popular Image Veneration in Late and Post-Byzantine Paintings” (Johns Hopkins, H. Maguire)

Marinis, Vasileios, “The Monastery Tou Libos: Architecture, Sculpture, and Liturgical Planning in Middle and Late Byzantine Constantinople” (UIUC, R. Ousterhout)

Ratliff, Brandie, “Image and Relic at Byzantine Pilgrimage Sites” (Columbia, S. Murray, H. Klein)

Schenk, Kra, “The Dura Synagogue Frescoes: Priestly Patronage and the Image of the Temple” (Johns Hopkins, H. Maguire)

Schilb, Henry D., “Byzantine Identity and Its Patrons: Embroidered Epitaphioi and Aeres of the Palaiologan and Post-Byzantine Periods” (Indiana, Bloomington, W. Kleinbauer)

Tarandjieva, Teodora, “The Church of St. John Aleitourgetos in Nesebar (Ancient Mesembria) and Its Role in Late Byzantine Architecture in Bulgaria” (Indiana, Bloomington, W. Kleinbauer)