Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

Renaissance/Baroque Art
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2012

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Baadj, Nadia, “Monstrous Creatures and Diverse Strange Things: The Curious Art of Jan van Kessel the Elder (1626–1679)” (Michigan, C. Brusati)

Brisman, Shira, “Briefkultur: Art and the Epistolary Mode of Address in the Age of Albrecht Durer” (Yale, C. Wood)

Damen, Giada, “The Trade in Antiquities between Italy and the Eastern Mediterranean (ca. 1400–1600)” (Princeton, P. Brown)

Estevez, Lisandra, “Jusepe de Ribera’s Artistic Identity and Self-Fashioning in Early Modern Italy and Spain” (Rutgers, C. Puglisi)

Feldman, Nancy, “Towards a New Reading of Aumônières” (Chicago, R. Zorach)

Fowler, Caroline, “Between the Heart and the Mind: Ways of Drawing in the Seventeenth Century” (Princeton, C. Heuer)

Gardonio-Foat, Casey, “Professional Women Artists of Iberia’s Golden Age: Careers in Context” (IFA/NYU, J. Brown)

Glass, Robert, “Filarete at the Papal Court: Sculpture, Ceremony, and the Antique in Early Renaissance Rome” (Princeton, P. Brown, L. Barkan, J. Pinto)

Hung, Karen, “Carved Elegance: Hans Thoman, German Renaissance Sculptor” (IFA/NYU, C. Eisler)

Jacobi, Lauren, “The Topography of Money: The Architecture and Urbanism of Banks in Renaissance Italy” (IFA/NYU, M. Trachtenberg)

Kasl, Ronda, “The Making of Hispano-Flemish Style: Art, Commerce, and Politics in Fifteenth-Century Castile” (IFA/NYU, E. Haverkamp-Begemann)

Kehoe, Marsely, “Dutching at Home and Abroad: Dutch Trade and Manufacture of Foreign Material and Landscapes in the Golden Age” (Wisconsin, Madison, A. Andrzejewski)

Leaper, Laura, “Time, Memory, and Ritual: Deciphering Visual Rhetoric in Diego Valadés’s Rhetorica Christiana” (IFA/NYU, J. Brown)

Leyva-Gutierrez, Niria E., “Painting Power: Images of Ecclesiastical Authority in Seventeenth-Century New Spain” (IFA/NYU, J. Brown)

Liu, Chen, “Between Perception and Expression: The Codex Coner and the Genre of Architectural Sketchbooks” (Princeton, J. Pinto)

Logan, Nicole Wallens, “Alberti at Rimini: The Process of Patronage in Fifteenth-Century Italy” (Rutgers, T. Marder)

Mangone, Carolina, “Bernini as the Seicento Michelangelo: Imitation and Identity in Art, Architecture, and Biography” (Toronto, E. Levy)

Martone-Dragani, Concetta, “Artistic Culture in Naples in the Early Seventeenth Century” (Temple, T. Cooper)

Maurer, Maria, “The Palazzo del Te and the Spaces of Masculinity in Sixteenth-Century Italy” (Indiana, G. Knox)

Moynihan, Kim-Ly, “Comedy, Science, and the Reform of Description in Lombard Painting of the Late Renaissance: Arcimboldo, Vincenzo Campi, and Bartolomeo Passerotti” (Columbia, D. Freedberg, D. Rosand)

Napolitano, Elena, “Prospects of Statecraft: Diplomacy, Territoriality, and the Vision of French Nationhood in Rome, 1660–1700” (Toronto, E. Levy)

Ng, Aimee, “Ruptures in Painting after the Sack of Rome: Parmigianino, Rosso, Sebastiano” (Columbia, D. Freedberg, D. Rosand)

Packer, Lelia, “Imitation and Innovation in Materials in Early Modern Northern European Art: Pen Prints, Pen Drawings, and Pen Paintings, ca. 1580–1670” (IFA/NYU, M. Westermann)

Peterson, Charles, “Beautiful Painted Lies: Deception and Illusionistic Painting in the Seventeenth Century” (UC Santa Barbara, A.J. Adams)

Powell, Olivia, “The Choreographic Imagination in Renaissance Art” (Columbia, D. Rosand)

Purvis, Betsy Bennett, “Palpable Politics and Embodied Passions: Terracotta Tableau Sculpture in Italy, 1450–1530” (Toronto, P. Sohm)

Riggs, Marion, “Architectural Translations: Giuseppe Barberi (1746–1809) between Rome and Paris” (Princeton, J. Pinto)

Rislow, Madeline Ann, “Dynamic Doorways: Overdoor Sculpture in Renaissance Genoa” (Kansas, S. Cornelison)

Rutherglen, Susannah, “Ornamental Paintings of the Venetian Renaissance” (Princeton, P. Brown)

Smithers, Tamara, “Memorializing the Masters and Celebrating le Tre Arti del Disegno: Late Italian Renaissance Funerary Monuments Honoring Artists and the Arts” (Temple, M. Hall)

Swartwood House, Anna, “Singular Skill and Beauty: Antonello da Messina Between North and South” (Princeton, P. Brown)

Switzer, Sara, “Correggio and the Sacred Image” (Columbia, D. Freedberg, D. Rosand)

Tokumitsu, Miya, “‘Die Kleine, die Feine, die Reine, die Eine’: The Small, the Fine, the Pure, the Rare: The Sculpture of Leonhard Kern (1588–1662)” (Pennsylvania, L. Silver)

Treanor, Virginia, “Amalia van Solms and the Formation of the Stadhouder’s Art Collection, 1625–1675” (Maryland, College Park, A. Wheelock)

Turel, Noa, “Life to Likeness: Painting and Spectacle Au Vif in the Burgundian State” (UC Santa Barbara, M. Meadow)

Wilkins, Sarah, “She Loved More Ardently than the Rest: The Magdalen Cycles of Late Duecento and Trecento Italy” (Rutgers, S. McHam)

Wolken, Christine, “Beauty, Poser, Propaganda, and Celebration: Profiling Women in Sixteenth-Century Italian Commemorative Medals” (Case Western Reserve, E. Olszewski)

Yerkes, Carolyn, “Drawing as a Way of Knowing: Architectural Survey in the Late Renaissance” (Columbia, H. Ballon)