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Greek/Roman Art
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2012

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Burns, Kara K., “The Iconography of Mystery: The Relationship between Orpheus and Bacchus in Late Roman Britain” (Arizona, D. Soren)

Casagrande-Kim, Roberta, “The Journey to the Underworld: Topography, Landscape, and Divine Inhabitants of the Roman Hades” (Columbia, R. Brilliant)

Fowlkes Childs, Blair, “The Cults of Syrian-Phoenician Gods in Rome: Archaeology, Topography, and Connections to the Roman East” (IFA/NYU, C. Marconi)

Graff, Sarah, “Humbaba/Huwawa” (IFA/NYU, K. Welch)

Jacob, Cynthia, “Morgantina, Sicily: The Worked Bone and Ivory Objects, 459 BC to the First Century AD” (Rutgers, A. Harvey)

Laurence, Karen, “Roman Infrastructural Changes to Greek Sanctuaries and Games: Panhellenism in the Roman Empire, Formations of New Identities” (Michigan, S. Herbert)

Ljung, Emma, “From Indemnity to Integration: Economic Decline in Late Hellenistic Aitolia” (Princeton, W. Childs)

Long, Leah, “Urbanism, Art, and Economy: The Marble Quarrying Industries of Aphrodisias and Roman Asia Minor” (Michigan, C. Ratté)

Madole, Sarah, “Innovation and Identity on Mythological Frieze Sarcophagi from Roman Asia Minor” (IFA/NYU, K. Welch)

Paga, Jessica, “Architectural Agency and the Construction of Athenian Democracy” (Princeton, T. L. Shear, Jr.)

Papayiannis, Joanna, “The Gynaikonitis: The (UN) Gendered Greek House” (Princeton, T.L. Shear, Jr.)

Papit, Judith, “Minoan Town Planning” (Temple, P. Betancourt)

Popkin, Maggie, “The Triumphal Route in Republican and Imperial Rome: Architecture, Experience, and Memory” (IFA/NYU, K. Welch)

Rask, Katie, “Objects of Devotion: Ancient Greek Religion and Its Iconography” (Ohio State, M. Fullerton)

Sekedat, Bradley, “Large Polities and Small Quarries: Local Resources and Imperial Governance in Roman Asia Minor” (Brown, S. Alcock, J. Cherry)

Stager, Jennifer, “The Embodiment of Color in Ancient Mediterranean Art” (UC Berkeley, A. Stewart)

Udell, Jennifer, “Times of Day and Times of Year on Athenian Vases” (IFA/NYU, C. Marconi)

Urbanus, Jason, “Finis Terrae: The Roman Conquest of Northwest Iberia and Its Impact on Castros Culture” (Brown, S. Alcock, R. Winkes)

Weiss, Dan, “Dacians and Romans: Areas of Operation and Influence” (Virginia, J. Dobbins)