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Early Medieval/Romanesque/Gothic Art
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2012

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Ajello, Guendalina, “Afterlives: The Reuse, Adaptation, and Transformation of Roma’s Ancient Theaters” (IFA/NYU, M. Trachtenberg)

Anderson, Benjamin, “World Image after World Empire: The Ptolemaic Cosmos in the Early Middle Ages, ca. 700–900” (Bryn Mawr, D. Kinney)

Bauer, Doron, “Social Practices and Romanesque Architectural Sculpture in the Pyrenees” (Johns Hopkins, H. Kessler)

Berenbeim, Jessica, “Art of Documentation: The Sherborne Missal and the Role of Documents in English Medieval Art” (Harvard, J. Hamburger)

Bromberg, Sarah, “The Context and Reception History of the Illuminations in Nicholas of Lyra’s Postilla litteralis super totam bibliam: Fifteenth-Century Case Studies” (Pittsburgh, M. A. Stones)

Chunko, Betsy, “English Misericords and the Late-Medieval Subject, ca. 1300–1535” (Virginia, L. Reilly)

Cochran Anderson, Jennifer, “Wooden Devotional Sculpture in Ireland, 1100–1800” (Penn State, E. Smith)

Coffey, Heather, “Images of the Prophet Muhammad in the Late Medieval West: From Joachim of Fiore to Dante Alighieri” (Indiana, D. Reilly)

Fernandez, Catherine, “Quidam lapis preciosus qui vocatur Cammaheu: The Medieval Afterlife of the Gemma Augustea at Saint-Sernin of Toulouse” (Emory, E. Pastan)

Fluke, Meredith, “Building across the Sacred Landscape: The Romanesque Churches of Verona and Their Urban Context” (Columbia, S. Murray, H. Klein)

Foster, Elisa, “Imaging and Imagining the Black Madonna of Le Puy: Ritual, Sacred Objects, and Race in Late Medieval and Early Modern France” (Brown, S Bonde)

Gustafson, Erik, “Tradition and Renewal in the Thirteenth-Century Franciscan Architecture of Tuscany” (IFA/NYU, M. Trachtenberg)

Herbert, Lynley Anne, “LUX VITA: The Majesty and Humanity of Christ in the Gospels of Sainte-Croix of Poitiers” (Delaware, L. Nees)

Hindin, Seth, “History and Ethnic Commitment in the Visual Culture of Medieval Bohemia, ca. 1200–ca.1420” (Harvard, J Hamburger)

Jacobi, Lauren, “The Topography of Money: The Architecture and Urbanism of Renaissance Banks in Italy” (IFA/NYU, M. Trachtenberg)

Kitzinger, Beatrice, “Cross and Book: Late-Carolingian Breton Gospel Illumination and the Instrumental Cross” (Harvard, J. Hamburger)

Love, M. Jordan, “On Earth as It is in Heaven? The Creation of the Bastide Towns of Southwest France” (Columbia, S. Murray)

McQuillen, John, “In Manuscript and Print: The Fifteenth-Century Library of Scheyern Abbey” (Toronto, A. Cohen)

Miller, Jeffrey, “The Building Program of Archbishop Walter de Gray: Architectural Production and Reform in the Province of York, 1215–1255” (Columbia S. Murray)

Miller, Amy, “The Stones of Cumbria” (Toronto, A. Cohen)

Moebus-Bergeron, Susanne, “The Adaptation and Application of Goldsmith Techniques in Medieval Manuscripts from the Early Eleventh to the Mid-Thirteenth Century” (Boston, D. Kahn)

Morris, April, “Imag[in]ing the East: Visualizing the Threat of Islam and the Desire for the Holy Land in Twelfth-Century Aquitaine” (UT Austin, J. Holladay)

Perratore, Julia, “Laity, Community, and Architectural Sculpture in Romanesque Aragon: Santa María de Uncastillo” (Pennsylvania, R. Maxwell)

Pizzinato, Riccardo, “‘Exitus et Reditus’: The Codex Aureus of Saint Emmeram as Pictorial Exegesis” (Johns Hopkins, H. Kessler)