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Recent Books in the Arts

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Aristarkhova, Irina. Arrested Welcome: Hospitality in Contemporary Art. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2020. 248 pp.; 11 color ills.; 46 b/w ills.; 57 ills. Paper $30.00 (9781517908973)

Azoulay, Ariella Aïsha. Potential History: Unlearning Imperialism. New York: Verso Books, 2019. 656 pp. Paper $44.95 (9781788735711)

Binski, Paul. Gothic Sculpture. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2019. 296 pp.; 100 color ills. Cloth $55.00 (9780300241433)

Brandow-Faller, Megan. The Female Secession: Art and the Decorative at the Viennese Women’s Academy. University Park: Penn State University Press, 2020. 304 pp.; 27 color ills.; 60 b/w ills. Cloth $99.95 (9780271085043)

Bussard, Katherine A., and Kristen Gresh, eds. Life Magazine and the Power of Photography. Exh. cat. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2020. 336 pp.; 250 ills. Cloth $60.00 (9780300250886)

Campt, Tina, Marianne Hirsch, Gil Hochberg, and Brian Wallis, eds. Imagining Everyday Life: Engagements with Vernacular Photography. Gottingen and New York: Steidl Publishers in association with The Walther Collection, 2020. 432 pp.; 360 ills. Paper €45.00 (9783958296275 )

Cras, Sophie. The Artist as Economist: Art and Capitalism in the 1960s. Trans Malcolm DeBevoise New Haven: Yale University Press, 2019. 244 pp.; 50 color ills.; 35 b/w ills.; 85 ills. Cloth $65.00 (9780300232707)

Crinson, Mark, and Richard J. Williams. The Architecture of Art History: A Historiography. London: Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2018. 184 pp.; 30 b/w ills.; 30 ills. Cloth £75.00 (9781350020917)

De Duve, Thierry. Aesthetics at Large: Volume 1: Art, Ethics, Politics. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2019. 248 pp.; 17 b/w ills. Paper $35.00 (9780226546735)

De Simone, Gerardo. Il Beato Angelico a Roma (1445-1455): Rinascita delle arti e Umanesimo cristiano nell'Urbe di Niccolò V e Leon Battista Alberti. Fondazione Carlo Marchi. Studi, vol. 34. Florence: Leo S. Olschki Editore, 2020. 358 pp.; 80 color ills.; 80 b/w ills. EBook €140.00 (9788822282958)

Duguid, Meg. Where the Future Came From. Exh. cat. Chicago: Soberscove Press, 2020. 272 pp. Paper $25.00 (9781940190242)

Fetvaci, Emine. The Album of the World Emperor: Cross-Cultural Collecting and the Art of Album-Making in Seventeenth-Century Istanbul. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2020. 296 pp.; 126 color ills. Cloth $65.00 (9780691189154)

Fleetwood, Nicole R. Marking Time: Art in the Age of Mass Incarceration. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2020. 352 pp.; 95 color ills. Cloth $39.95 (9780674919228)

Flood, Finbarr Barry, ed. There Where You Are Not: Selected Writings of Kamal Boullata. Munich: Hirmer Verlag, 2020. 488 pp.; 224 color ills. Cloth $39.95 (9783777432434)

Fowkes, Maja, and Reuben Fowkes. Central and Eastern European Art Since 1950. World of Art Series. London: Thames and Hudson Inc., 2020. 232 pp. Paper £16.95 (9780500204375)

Fox-Amato, Matthew. Exposing Slavery: Photography, Human Bondage, and the Birth of Modern Visual Politics in America. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2019. 360 pp.; 105 color ills. Cloth (9780190663933)

Gardner, William O. The Metabolist Imagination: Visions of the City in Postwar Japanese Architecture and Science Fiction. Minneapolis, Minn.: University of Minnesota Press, 2020. 232 pp.; 16 color ills.; 4 b/w ills. Paper $27.00 (9781517906245)

Hannoosh, Michèle. Jules Michelet: Writing Art and History in Nineteenth-Century France. University Park: Penn State University Press, 2019. 248 pp.; 31 b/w ills. $94.95 (9780271083568)

Harrington, Austin, ed. Georg Simmel: Essays on Art and Aesthetics. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2020. 392 pp. Paper $35.00 (9780226621098)

Ho, Christine I. Drawing from Life: Sketching and Socialist Realism in the People’s Republic of China. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2020. 320 pp.; 85 color ills. Cloth $70.00 (9780520309623)

Jarrell, Wadsworth A. AFRICOBRA: Experimental Art toward a School of Thought. Durham: Duke University Press, 2020. 89 color ills.; 231 b/w ills.; 320 ills. $29.95 (9781478000563)

Lee, Pamela M. Think Tank Aesthetics: Midcentury Modernism, the Cold War, and the Neoliberal Present. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2020. 360 pp.; 15 color ills.; 54 b/w ills.; 69 ills. Cloth $35.00 (9780262043526)

Ma, Ming-Yuen S. There is no soundtrack: Rethinking art, media, and the audio-visual contract. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2020. 280 pp. Cloth £80.00 (9781526142122)

Mathur, Saloni. A Fragile Inheritance: Radical Stakes in Contemporary Indian Art. Durham: Duke University Press Books, 2019. 256 pp.; 64 ills. Paper $25.95 (9781478003014 )

Nakajima, Izumi. アンチ・アクション : 日本戦後絵画と女性画家: (Anti-Action: Postwar Japanese Art and Japanese female Painters). Nakajima Izumi cho, 2020. 362 pp. (9784434264696)

Neer, Richard, and Leslie Kurke. Pindar, Song, and Space: Towards a Lyric Archaeology. Richard Neer and Leslie Kurke. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2019. 480 pp.; 74 color ills.; 31 b/w ills. Cloth (9781421429786)

Nieland, Justus. Happiness by Design: Modernism and Media in the Eames Era. Minneapolis, Minn.: University of Minnesota Press, 2020. 400 pp.; 20 color ills.; 124 b/w ills. Paper $39.95 (9781517902056)

Noguchi, Isamu. I Become a Nisei. Holyoke and New York: The Brother In Elysium and The Isamu Noguchi Foundation and Garden Museum, 2020. 32 pp. $40.00

Noland, Carrie. Merce Cunningham: After the Arbitrary. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2020. 304 pp.; 17 color ills.; 54 b/w ills.; 71 ills. Paper $35.00 (9780226541242)

Percival, Melissa, and Muriel Adrien, eds. Fancy in Eighteenth-Century European Visual Culture. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2020. 325 pp.; 69 ills. Paper $99.99 (9781789620030)

Rose, Pauline. Working Against the Grain: Women Sculptors in Britain c.1885-1950. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2020. 336 pp.; 20 color ills.; 101 b/w ills.; 121 ills. Cloth $59.95 (9781789621563)

Schoneveld, Erin. Shirakaba and Japanese Modernism: Art Magazines, Artistic Collectives, and the Early Avant-Garde. Series: Japanese Visual Culture, Volume: 18. Brill Academic Publishers, 2018. 272 pp. Cloth $123.00 (9789004390607)

Schreffler, Michael J. Cuzco: Incas, Spaniards, and the Making of a Colonial City. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2020. 200 pp.; 94 color ills.; 94 ills. Cloth $75.00 (9780300218114)

Schröder, Klaus Albrecht, ed. The Beginning: Albertina Modern. Munich: Hirmer Verlag, 2020. (9783777435091)

Schwenger, Peter. Asemic: The Art of Writing. Minneapolis, Minn.: University of Minnesota Press, 2019. 192 pp.; 9 color ills.; 51 b/w ills.; 60 ills. Paper $25.00 (9781517906979)

Shi, Jie. Modeling Peace: Royal Tombs and Political Ideology in Early China. New York: Columbia University Press, 2020. 368 pp. Cloth $60.00 (9780231191029)

Silver, Nathaniel. Boston's Apollo: Thomas McKeller and John Singer Sargent. Exh. cat. Boston and New Haven: Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in association with Yale University Press, 2020. 256 pp.; 115 color ills. Cloth $45.00 (9780300249866)

Stark, Trevor. Total Expansion of the Letter: Avant-Garde Art and Language After Mallarmé. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2020. 440 pp.; 10 color ills.; 60 b/w ills.; 70 ills. Cloth $55.00 (9780262043717)

Sunderason, Sanjukta. Partisan Aesthetics: Modern Art and India's Long Decolonization. Series: South Asia in Motion. Redwood City, CA: Stanford University Press, 2020. 344 pp. Cloth $30.00 (9781503611948)

Walley, Jonathan. Cinema Expanded: Avant-Garde Film in the Age of Intermedia. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2020. 576 pp.; 276 ills. Cloth $125.00 (9780190938635)

Wang, Michelle C. Mandalas in the Making: The Visual Culture of Esoteric Buddhism at Dunhuang. Sinica Leidensia Series, Volume: 139. Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers, 2018. 318 pp. Cloth $147.00 (9789004357655)

Warnock, Molly. Simon Hantaï and the Reserves of Painting. University Park: Penn State University Press, 2020. 280 pp.; 41 color ills.; 89 b/w ills.; 130 ills. Cloth $89.95 (9780271085029)

Woodruff, Lily. Disordering the Establishment: Participatory Art and Institutional Critique in France, 1958–1981. Durham: Duke University Press, 2020. 336 pp.; 98 ills. Paper (9781478008446)

Yoshitake, Mika. Parergon: A selected survey exhibition of Japanese art of the 1980s and 1990s. New York: Skira Rizzoli Publications, Inc., 2020. 256 pp.; 150 color ills. (885724243)

Zinman, Gregory. Making Images Move: Handmade Cinema and the Other Arts. Oakland: University of California Press, 2020. 392 pp.; 100 ills. Paper $45.00 (9780520302730)